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michael-marchiComox Valley Dodge is now the proud home of Michael (Mike) Marchi, who became the Dealer Principal in late 2011. He has been involved in the automotive industry since his days at the University of Victoria. Mike’s original plan with his Geography Degree was to become a teacher, but the call of customer service and helping people was too strong for him.

There are many passions in Mike’s life. He is married to a wonderful wife and has two adorable kids. He is also a musician who plays the drums and guitar in his spare time. He is also a fitness enthusiast who is always seen cycling, running and golfing. He loves the great outdoors and beauty of the Comox Valley. Mike loves how all the best activities on the island are within 20 minutes of each other. In one day he can be at the ski hill in the morning, play a round of golf in the afternoon and go for a boat ride in the evening.

Mike grew up in a small town and because of this, he has humble beginnings. He knows what it is like to have a close community and the camaraderie that can be created. A positive culture is the only way to live. Mike and his staff at Comox Valley Dodge have a weekly BBQ every Friday with each other. They are one big family. This family atmosphere transfers to their customers. Taking care of his customers is what Mike strives to do. He and his staff give rides, donuts and basically do anything within their power to help and give great customer service

Other than his family, music and fitness, Mike’s main passion in life is people. He loves people. Helping individuals in any shape or form is what brings joy to Mike’s life. He especially enjoys when he can learn something from someone and teach the same thing to another. He is a student of the business and a student of life. Mike loves to learn and loves to teach.

Not only does Mike help any individuals who cross his path, he makes it his obligation to support the community. He wants to make sure that he not only takes care of his customers, but that his community is also taken care of. Comox Valley Dodge and Mike support the community by giving money to YANA (You Are Not Alone), Tour de Rock, the hospital foundation, donating vehicles to the ambulance and fire departments and hosting an annual North Island Open Golf Tournament. “Community Minded, Just Like You.” Behind most teams in the Comox Valley, there is a Comox Valley Dodge badge.

Mike makes it his mission to ensure Comox Valley Dodge has its own identity as dealership. There isn’t an ivory tower that Mike sits high in. He lives and loves helping his customers. You will find Mike on the sales floor shaking hands with customers and building relationships with them. He personally wants to meet all of his customers.

“If I had all the money in the world, I would still be in my office today.” Mike truly loves his job, it is a passion of his. He wants customers to know that they can reach him personally if they want to. Now that is customer service which is only found at Comox Valley Dodge.

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